• H100 SXM5 80GB
  • RTX 6000 Ada 48GB
  • RTX 4090 24GB
Coming Up
  • A100 PCIe 80GB
  • L40S PCIe 48GB
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Sourcing GPU hardware

Find high-density colocation

Deploy GPUs with InfiniBand / RoCEv2 network

System bring-up and testing

Setup parallel frameworks across multi-nodes

Reliable high-speed storage

Deploy & manage kubernetes cluster at scale

Troubleshooting and managed services

  • Prebuild container and Helm chart according to customer’s needs
  • Provide industry standard APIs
  • Integrate domain Specific Code
  • Optimize inference engines
  • Support custom models
  • Manage GPU clusters by Zillion SRE
Advanced Site Reliability Engineering
Infrastructure as Code
Effective Burn-in
Continuous Monitoring
continuous Optimization